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Frisco, Texas is one of the many thriving small towns in the Dallas area. In this episode, Chadwin Barley learns more about Dallas real estate from professional realtor Elyse Guthrie. Living in the area herself, Elyse gives amazing insights into the market and talks about how she targets client. She explains what is driving more growth to the area and shares the story of how she overcame different issues that pose as a challenge to buyers and sellers and help them cross the finish line.

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Dallas Real Estate With Elyse Guthrie

Chadwin Barley & Dallas Real Estate Agent Elyse Guthrie

I’m very excited to introduce a good friend of mine. Her name is Elyse Guthrie. Elyse is an amazing real estate agent in the Dallas area. I originally met Elyse when our children were in preschool together. They had similar hobbies and interests. Both of our daughters enjoyed gymnastics. We ran the gymnastics and the cheerleading world together. She moved to Dallas and we continued to stay in touch because of that hobby and shared interests with our daughters. We would run that national gymnastics circuit together. One day out of the blue, Elyse gave me a call and she said, “I know you’re doing real estate. You seem to be enjoying it. I’m considering getting my license. What do you advise?” Shortly thereafter, she got her license and has hit the ground running and excelled in her success. I’m super happy to have the opportunity to visit her because we don’t frequently get the chance to carve out time to have a long in-depth conversation.

Elyse has been in the real estate industry for several years and has loved every minute of working with clients who have also become friends as they buy and sell their homes. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Science in Educational Administration. After spending approximately twenty years as a teacher, education coordinator and as an assistant principal, she wanted a change. Working in real estate with something that she had always wanted to do. Earning trust, building relationships and playing a role in such a monumental event in people’s lives, drives her to give it her all. She’s earned top team agent of the year and serves on the ALC. She enjoys coaching new agents by sharing her expertise. Welcome to my show, Elyse. I’m excited to introduce you to all my audience. How are you?

I’m good. I appreciate you having me on. I love sharing my success and my passion for real estate in my clients.

When people are looking to consider a market, it seems overwhelming and Dallas is a huge city. Why don’t you talk to us about your target market? Who are your perfect clients? Describe that experience in detail so that we can understand how best to work with you.

Because of my experience in education, I offer insight into the schools. I offer insight into the neighborhoods that people are moving to Dallas because of the quality of life, because of the cost of living and the schools. All the opportunities they have for jobs, the opportunities they have for their children. We’ve got the PGA headquarters moving to Frisco. We have the new Cowboys headquarters moved to Frisco in 2018. All of Frisco ISD football teams play in the Cowboy headquarters. That’s our stadium. We have Dr. Pepper moving to Frisco as well as technology, energy, banking. It’s a family-oriented part of the state of Texas in North Dallas. I especially love to market in Frisco where I live, where I taught. I’m offering insight into the schools and the neighborhoods because many families are moving here for better opportunities.

I know that you serve clients in the greater Dallas area, but I hear you saying that you specialize in North Dallas for the Frisco area, correct?


There was a lot of growth in that area. What do you think is driving that growth aside from the industries that you mentioned?

It’s the quality of life that we have here. We have four seasons. We have very reasonable price ranges of homes. You could get a great brand-new home the further you go out for $250,000. The schools stay small in Frisco. If you drive a mile and you pass by three or four schools, you’re blown away, why there are schools on every corner? That’s because the goal is to keep all the schools small and personal.

You’re saying that an attainable price point out there is $250,000?

You could get past the North of Frisco. You could be in Little Elm and you could still be in Frisco ISD. You could get a very nice new home for under $300,000. We have varied price ranges. There’s the east side of Frisco. All of the schools are good. We have homes in multimillion-dollar price ranges. The average cost is about $350,000 in Frisco. We have such a wide variety of homes and very affordable prices.

That’s great to know. I’d love to know how your journey got started in real estate. I know that you came out of the educational sector. What caused you to want to change careers?

I was an assistant principal for a while because I love helping children, but I love helping teachers help children. I think things have changed a lot in education. I felt that I wanted more flexibility to take care of my own kids and not everybody else’s children. Schools were relying too much on testing and not meeting the needs of kids. I wanted to change that. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. With my husband’s job, we’ve had to move three different times, three different cities, five different times. I’ve worked with some great realtors. I’ve worked with some not so great realtors. That motivated me to do it, to help others as I was doing in education.

HAS 3 | Dallas Real Estate

Dallas Real Estate: Besides the industries, Frisco offers good quality of life with four seasons and reasonable price range homes.


I love hearing about your giving heart. One of the strong mission and vision statements that I make is that I want to help repaint the picture of generosity, not only in our industry in business but specifically in our industry. Sometimes we’re missed understood as agents. The truth is that as I’ve gotten to know agents across the country and even around the world, they’re the most giving people I’ve ever met. That’s why this is such a great career for people who were in the educational sector. They decided to pursue education because they wanted to help others. A lot of times, they look up and see that they’re not fulfilling their life’s mission, possibly not making as much money as they wanted to make. They can apply that same skillset to a very lucrative industry. I’m proud of you for making that change. I have a question that I’ve asked you before. I hope it comes out as sincere this time as it didn’t when I first asked you. I want the audience to know the passion that you have behind your job. Have you ever felt like there was a time in this challenging industry that you’ve wanted to quit?

There was absolutely not been a moment that I have ever thought about that in my head, I’m done. I love what I’m doing. I have a closing first-time home buyer. They thought that they would have to rent forever. They don’t have a ton to put down. It’s been a journey. It’s been a challenge and their price point is a multiple offer price range. I am so excited. I will try to hold my tears back when we’re closing. I know they’re going to cry, but there’s more background to it. Days like that are incredible to be able to make that dream come true.

I do think that’s why this job is fulfilling. It’s like a roller coaster ride. Challenges that you overcome and different paths that you have to help take and problem-solving missions to overcome different issues that might be a challenge to your buyer, your seller and trying to help them cross that finish line. It’s an adrenaline rush for sure.

I think my background in educational administration is what has made me successful in doing what I’m doing. To have patients stay calm when things aren’t going perfect. We fix that in a positive way for my clients. People can read your feelings. If I’m staying calm if I believe it helps them stay calm because things do go wrong during a transaction. What we have to think about is what can we do to make it work out.

One of the purposes of this show is for other agents to read and learn different tactics and successful things that you’re doing in your business to help it grow and to serve your clients. I hear you have a huge passion for your buyers and your sellers, but what I know from our relationship is that you also help other business owners. Can you help us understand how you partner with other business owners to help you accomplish your goals as well?

Frisco is a growing area where I live and where I do most of my business. There are always new businesses popping up. There are new restaurants. There are new boutiques. There are different types of services and different stores. I’m always thinking about how coming from contribution my clients, with my friends, with businesses. I go to these businesses. I introduce myself. We develop a relationship. I know that they can tell that I’m sincere and I want to promote their business. One of the things that I do is I mail out or sometimes I door knock with a postcard. I pay for the postcard, but I do a free advertisement for that new business. They may provide, for instance, a free gelato from an Italian restaurant. If somebody turns in the postcard, they’re getting that free gelato. The business is contributing, but the cost of the postcards is totally on me.

What challenges did you find in this approach? Do you find it difficult to get a hold of the business owner or to sell the value concept to them or has it been pretty easy?

It’s been great. It gets me out there. It gets them out there. They’re always happy. At first when I come in and I introduced myself and I’m telling about it, I know in their head they’re thinking, “How much is this going to cost me?” I make sure they understand, “This will cost you nothing. I’m going to pay for all the postcards.” If they want to, they can provide the artwork. They can provide a coupon, but I asked one little giving back, coming from contribution. Maybe a cookie, I did a margarita, free margarita one day. I’m spending all my time and my money delivering the postcards and getting them printed.

I imagine you’re putting their value proposition on the card first and foremost and also supporting your own business. What does that look like?

Another thing I’ve done with the business is I have them partnered with the school. I also do a lot in schools. Let’s say we were going to have a team dinner after a football game. We’ll go to that restaurant, I advertise it online. I advertised it on Facebook. I send out flyers to the other parents, and we go and support that business on different nights.

You’re out either door-knocking to deliver these postcards or sometimes you do a mailer. Approximately, what number of postcards are you printing to execute one of these campaigns?

We print 500 and I pair with partners. I’m doing it with a decorator that I refer to. She’s doing 250. I’m doing 250, but we’re all always in the same area. I may be partnered with the lender, so I’m supporting that person in the service industry and I’m supporting the new business.

I’m sure that there are a lot of agents that might have questions about that. I’ve enjoyed speaking with you and knowing what drives your business, but I would love it if you could end our time together with a thought of inspiration. Do you have a favorite book, quote or affirmation that drives you in your business that you’ve been referring to?

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I enjoyed my first Keller Williams Family Reunion. I love listening to Gary Keller. I love reading his books. This is from The ONE Thing. I love the quote, “A life worth living might be measured in many ways, but the one that stands above all others is living a life of no regrets.”

That is definitely what you’re doing is living a life with no regrets. I learn it in everything that you ever share with me. Your passion, the love that you have for your clients. The fire that you put behind your marketing efforts to help other business owners. It is always lifting other people up. That’s the reason why I love working with you and sharing your name with clients who are moving to the Dallas area. Thank you so much, Elyse. Tell us how to find you online or the best way to reach you.

The best way to reach me is to call me at 512-217-1412 or my email is ElyseGuthrie@KW.com. Our website is MyRealtyTown.com.

Thanks, Elyse. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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About Elyse Guthrie

HAS 3 | Dallas Real EstateI leverage proven marketing strategies to sell homes quickly and at the best price. When working with buyers, I leverage technology and my extensive network to make sure that my clients have direct access to all the homes in the area that are in their price range and meet assessed needs. I play an active role in the buying process from the first day a new home is seen, through negotiations, the escrow process, closing and even after. As a resident of the North Dallas Metroplex, I love the area and I am pleased to share my enthusiasm and market knowledge with my clients and friends.

* Member of Texas Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors and Collin County Association of Realtors
* 5+ years as a Recruiter for Becker Wright Recruiting
* 20 years Experience in Education as an Assistant Principal, Instructional Coordinator, and Educator providing clients with an extensive knowledge when looking for the best school for their children.
* Graduated with Honors from Texas Tech University
* Masters Degree from University of Houston
I enjoy spending time with my wonderful family, my husband of 24 years and my two incredible teenagers. We love exercise, sports, the outdoors, and travel.