Agents – are you looking to make an impact with your purchase of a closing gift for your clients? Just ask me – I partner with various organizations that enrich the lives of people in need. Shop from artisans, locally and around the world, which support a greater cause. It feels AWESOME to give give one-of-a-kind hand-crafted decorative items knowing that A portion of each purchase is donated to charity. 


We are passionate about giving and we know you are too. Because everyone loves to give sometimes we just don’t think we can afford it or we just don’t know exactly how to start. And, because the mission of Heart and Sold Austin is to give back and encourage others to do the same….we are going to show you how easy it is to be a part of the giving movement at an incredibly low cost!

Heart-Felt Closing Gifts

Because our Real Estate business, Heart and Sold Austin, has always given a portion of our commissions from each closing to charity, a “frivolous” closing gift was not considered to be much of a priority at the start. And yet, what we know now, is that Real Estate is more about people than it is about property. In fact, the agent/client relationship is personal, private and confidential and agents will typically talk to their clients at least weekly, oftentimes daily…and during the most critical phases of a transaction, an agent will speak to their client multiple times a day for several days in a row. So, once the transaction is successfully completed…what was once a very steady and constant relationship tapers off and it is often missed, especially when the agent has really gained the clients’ respect and loyalty through the working relationship. For that reason, we reconsidered and realized that a closing gift is a nice way to commemorate that journey.

The problem was the options seemed limited at best. So….we searched far and wide for a closing gift that had a story of its own – one with purpose and something that would really make an impact and allow us to share a story.

Our research led us to a nonprofit organization that supports women in Central America who are learning to combine their embroidery and applique skills with newly learned business skills in a safe, pleasant environment. Today these women are elevating their own lives and achieving greatness in an otherwise incredibly challenging environment as residents of countries in which the average annual income for a family of six was $1800. They are now blessed to make more and work from home so as not to jeopardize their own family to make ends meet.

We formed a partnership with this organization to help them sell their beautiful, hand-made home décor items including: throw pillows, table runners, placemats and more. Their items needed a home and we have many homes that need beautiful, heart-felt items!…the perfect match was made.

Together, we can make the world a better place!…

Would you like to give your clients a closing gift that matters? If so, click HERE to learn how we can help you to:

  • Reinforce the loyalty you have established with your client by giving them a gift that shares a heart-felt message and build your own business brand
  • Support industrial efforts abroad with your purchase and help elevate the income of these amazing artisans in Central America
  • Give back to your own philanthropic efforts (your charity of choice in your own city/town or a cause you are passionate about

And do all of the above for the same cost that you would typically spend on any “frivolous” closing gift.