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Every business-owner has a story. And we envy the successful ones, don’t we? We see their lives flashed on the tv-screen or on social media and don’t we just feel gut-punched?…I know I do and then I hear that uncontrollable stream of messages that bursts through my mind, like water gushing out of a fire hose, that tells me how “easy” it is for them and how “impossible” it would be for me to ever achieve that kind of greatness. Thoughts like “I bet their family had money” or “they must have had great bosses/mentors to teach them those things.” So many sad, defeating messages. I imagine the exact thoughts are different for everyone and yet similar in theme – a theme of scarcity…that comes from the adversity we may have experienced in our own past.

This is a place where you will learn some about me and a lot about the people that I love. Every single one of them is extremely gifted in something and also imperfect – you will hear how they manage those imperfections so that you, too, can learn to overcome and step into your own greatness.

The mission of our business is to give back and to encourage others to do the same and this community is the next step in that effort. After all, what better gift can we give than to share our truth so that we can inspire greatness in others?

Tune into the Heart and Sold Podcast to learn why we do what we do. CONTACT US to apply to be a guest on our show!

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HAS 1 | Heart And Sold
  Welcome to the Heart and Sold podcast debut episode! Heart and Sold Group is where you build true relationships and solid partnerships that create real estate business solutions. This podcast is dream come true for host Chadwin Barley who